Ductwork Manufacturer to benefit from Haier

The refurbishment of premises for a Ductwork manufacturer based in Basingstoke brought about the requirement for efficient, cost effective air conditioning for three different areas – an open plan office, an IT suite and a design office.

Comfort Building Services Ltd, who was appointed to carry out the work, chose to supply and install a Haier Super Match Multi condensing unit connected to a ceiling mounted Convertible unit (can be mounted on the floor or ceiling) and two Brezza Indoor wall mounted units, which fully met the customer’s needs and which were supplied by Pure Air Distribution Ltd based in Guildford.

Comfort Building Services admit that the initial reason for considering Haier from Pure Air was price based, but this was not the only deciding factor.  Comfort Building Services MD, Dave Boshier, commented, “I admit to having some initial concerns, as Haier has only just been reintroduced to the UK and past experiences were not great, but the price and customer service I received from Pure Air was excellent. Although this was only a small job, I was treated the way I would expect to be treated for a large project. I found them very easy to deal with and any queries I had were promptly resolved. I couldn’t fault the price or customer service, so I decided to go with it”.

“The installation went very smoothly, with excellent feedback from the engineers themselves.  When installing something new, I would expect the odd gripe, problem or query from my engineers, but they had nothing but praise for the equipment. It appeared to be very well manufactured, went in like a dream and commissioned up first time” said Mr. Boshier. Due to space limitations, the Super Match Multi condensing unit had to be installed in a warehouse, which backed on to one of the offices. “Prior to installation I was slightly concerned about the potential noise from the condensing unit, but it was extremely quiet” added Mr. Boshier.  As well as the quiet operation, the maximum pipe run for this unit is also longer than most, if not all other major manufacturers at 100m, making for an easier installation.

“Another nice feature of the condensing unit is that it has a little cover on the front that lifts to reveal a display board showing the CU load.  We could instantly see how hard the condensing unit was working. That’s a nice touch” added Mr. Boshier.

Comfort Building Services will also be maintaining the equipment and will be fully supported via the Haier 6-year warranty and knowledgeable technical team at Pure Air Distribution Ltd

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