Melting profits Halted by Haier

Border Temperature Control based in Shropshire was asked to provide a solution for a tasty problem.

Chocolate is something we all love, but it melts at just below our body temperature, around 33°C – 34°C.  The sale of this mouth-watering confectionary relies heavily upon keeping the temperature sensitive product at its best and, as it has been proven that chocolate is mostly sold via last-minute impulse buys that happen near the counter, product visibility, requiring constant replenishment, is key.

Keeping valuable stocks of chocolate in good condition relies upon the correct storage temperature of 18°C – 22°C. This is precisely why a Haier cassette system, supplied by Inside Air Ltd via the UK Haier distributor, Pure Air Distribution Ltd, has been installed in a large store room at a petrol station on the Welsh borders that was suffering with lost profits due to stock literally melting away in the recent heatwave.

A Haier Super Match Classic Power outdoor unit together with a Super Match Classic Power 4-way cassette were installed by Border Temperature Control. When asked about the installation, Ali Quayle, MD of Border Temperature Control commented, “The equipment was good to install. No problems whatsoever. And the outdoor unit is nice and quiet. No more melting chocolate. Everyone is happy”.

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