At Pure Air Distribution we pride ourselves in providing industry-leading support.

To ensure our customers have full support and find it easy to work with our products, we have dedicated UK technical support facilities based in Guildford and Woking, ensuring that we deliver excellent pre sales and after sales support across our entire product range.

Our telephone support personnel are able to offer many helpful remedies. You can contact us by telephone 01483 246800 or email

All products come with a 6 year warranty (subject to company registration)

Common Error Codes

Error Code Description PDF
E1 Room temperature sensor fault Indoor unit Download
E14 Indoor fan motor malfunction Indoor unit
E2 Heat-exchange sensor fault Indoor unit
E4 Indoor EEPROM error Indoor unit
E5 Frosted indoor coil Download
E7 Communication fault Indoor unit Download
E8 Communication trouble between wired remote controller and indoor unit
E9 Communication trouble between indoor and outdoor unit
F1 The protection error of IPM Outdoor unit
F11 Deviate from the normal for the compressor
F12 Outdoor EEPROM fault Outdoor unit
F19 Power voltage too high or too low Outdoor unit
F2 Overcurrent of the compressor
F21 Defrost temperature sensor fault Outdoor unit
F22 Overcurrent protection of AC electricity for the outdoor model Outdoor unit
F23 Overcurrent protection for single-phase of the compressor
F25 Discharge temperature sensor fault
F28 Loop of the station detect error
F3 Communication fault between the IPM and outdoor PCB Outdoor unit Download
F39 Open High Pressure Switch Download
F4 Overheat protection error of exhaust temperature sensor Outdoor unit
F5 Inverter power module (IPM) over current Download
F6 Ambient temperature sensor failure
F66 Ambient temperature sensor fault
F7 Suction temperature sensor fault

Technical Manuals

Name Type Category Download
Brezza-AS12BS4HRA Service Manual RAC Download
Brezza-AS15BS4HRA Service Manual RAC Download
Brezza-AS18BS4HRA Service Manual RAC Download
Brezza-AS24BS4HRA Service Manual RAC Download
Service Manual-Brezza-AS09BS4HRA RAC Download
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